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Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs)

At St. Nicholas School, we are proud to offer a broad variety of Extra Curricular Activities in the areas of sports, arts and recreational activities. ECAs take place at lunchtime and after school and are led by a combination of teachers, parents, outside agencies and Secondary School learners.

We encourage our students to take part in ECAs as a means to create new friendships, develop existing passions and to discover new ones. ECAs are a great opportunity for children to develop the attributes and attitudes that define our school: to be risk-takers and inquirers; to be cooperative, open minded, caring people.

Rua do Emissário, 333
Pinheiros, São Paulo (SP), Brazil

Av. Honório Álvares Penteado, 5463
Tamboré, Santana de Parnaíba (SP), Brazil


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