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Middle Years Programme

Our Middle Years Programme is an academically rigorous, inquiry based and interdisciplinary programme.

An interdisciplinary, integrated programme offered for students aged 12 to 16.

Dynamic teachers from Brazil and around the world: We invest in Professional Development because we believe learning starts with ourselves and that learning is a collaborative process for both teachers and students. Our teachers are multilingual, globally and locally minded, and work together towards improving their professional practices and contributing to an environment and community that is conducive to learning for all students

Academic rigour and international qualifications A rich and balanced curriculum with added choice in Grades 8 and 9. St Nicholas Alphaville offer an academically rigorous Middle Years Programme that places the learners at the center of their education, from which point they are encouraged to make connections between both their subjects as well as the world outside the classroom. Students will engage in challenging and engaging learning experiences through eight subject groups which include Mathematics, English, Portuguese, Sciences, Humanities, the Arts, Physical and Health education, and Design, as well as expand their horizons and acquire important life skills through the community service curriculum and the PSHE programme.

Understanding how students learn best Differentiated classrooms where difference is celebrated and active learners are encouraged to take learning beyond academic study “learning how to learn”, by asking challenging questions, thinking critically and developing research skills.

A language rich Curriculum St. Nicholas is cognizant of, and embraces its role as a leader in language education and preparation for the 21st century skills and challenges. The students in the middle years section will thus benefit from a balanced and inquiry-led curriculum in both English and Portuguese, with additional courses available in English and Spanish as an Additional Language based on the needs and capabilities of our students.

Science and Maths Our Sciences and Maths curricula are inquiry-based and located in real world practical experiences to embed understanding and application. A purpose built technology rich science lab allow access to an outstanding and rewarding science education. Our Maths and Science teachers have adopted an international curriculum to provide an exciting pupil-catered experience that focuses on academic rigour and produces confident learners with a sense of achievement and a love of Maths and Science.

Holistic and broad Physical Education, Music, Art and Drama, Design Technology are all well represented in the curriculum and valued by the school. There is an emphasis on self-expression and reflection in the curriculum and on performance, sportsmanship, and teamwork in our various teams and clubs. Furthermore, students will be given the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their rights and responsibilities through a comprehensive PSHE program, and regular community service sessions.

A child centred, personalized curriculum recognising a range of talents, competencies, interests skills and abilities and where the needs of the individual student are put first.

Great Teaching Spaces All teaching spaces are purpose designed and have access to a full range of technology. High quality wireless coverage to all areas, a range of hand-held devices such as Chromebooks and iPads, and a focus on digital citizenship and information literacy allows learners access to the best in modern technology.

Making a difference and exploring personal interests and talents Our students are encouraged to continually seek to develop and enhance their skills set and awareness of the world around them through life skills activities and excursions, participation in sports teams, Student Council, ECAs, community service, and a range of student-led activities over the course of the school year.

Working together to develop student voice Tutor Groups facilitate responsibility and develop shared 21st century leadership. The student council and the house system allow students to take action and make a difference in their world by gradually assuming responsibility and leadership through sustainable and sensible action in their community.


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