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Sport is highly valued as St. Nicholas School. Students are taught technical and motor skills within the timetabled curriculum as well as in their chosen sporting ECAs. They have the opportunities to train for school teams and represent their school in tournaments and fixtures with other schools. Pupils are also encouraged to participate in non-representative sports that offer recreational and competitive opportunities.

The aims and objectives of sport at St. Nicholas are to develop each student’s interpersonal skills, attitudes and attributes in relation to the IB learner profile. Sport at St. Nicholas also enables learners to proactively develop their leadership skills, as well as providing them a safe and guided environment to practice managing their emotions; to encourage teamwork and sportsmanship and to foster interpersonal respect.


Events organised by the Physical Education (PE) Department are a key feature of the school calendar. The primary purpose is to contribute towards the mission of the school by providing a range of sporting experiences geared towards developing each learner’s unique potential, increase participation and strengthening our sense of community through collaboration.


Primary and Secondary pupils are encouraged to enjoy the school’s sporting extra-curricular programme to continually develop their skills under the guidance of teachers and experienced coaches. Secondary pupils can choose futsal, football and basketball as a team option, while Primary may select futsal.

Teams evolve to enable pupils to fulfil their potential. The school enters a number of fixtures and tournaments each year, ranging from playing numerous friendly matches, competing in interschool tournaments and local leagues. We have Primary Boys Futsal & Football; Primary Girls Futsal & Football; U16 Boys Football, Futsal & Basketball; U16 Girls Football, Futsal, Basketball & Volleyball; U18 Boys Football, Futsal & Basketball and U18 Girls Football & Basketball.


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