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For new students and their families, the Admissions Office is the first point of contact with St. Nicholas School. We enjoy answering all enquiries and do our best to advise you on any questions that you may have.

We look forward to speaking with you personally to discuss the curriculum, show you the school, answer your questions, and explain the admissions process and requirements.

If you wish to initiate the application process, please send us the following: application form and reference form, filled out by the current school (on-line), and school reports for the last 3 years.

We hope that we will have the chance to introduce you to the vibrant and caring community that comprises St. Nicholas School and that you and your family will soon join St. Nicholas' warm and welcoming environment.

To find out more about our school's values, environment, community and projects, please visit our YouTube channel. The link is right below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the Admissions Office at any time so that we can give you further information.

Admission Step-by-Step

Hand in the relevant information

These forms can be sent by e-mail, corrier or be handed in at the meeting with the Head of Admissions.

    Please fill out one for each child

  • A completed Application Form » download as pdf
  • Pupil Reference Form » Grade 2 to Grade 5 | Secondary (to be filled out by the teacher who knows the child best)
  • School Report and Transcript

Schedule a meeting with the Head of Admissions

This can be requested by e-mail or telephone.
Please check the contacts information below.

Register for an admissions evaluation

After all of the relevant documentation has been handed in, the date of the admission evaluation will be arranged.

Bring in further documentation and payments.

After the admission evaluation, should your son/daughter be accepted to enter the school, you will be asked to bring in further documentation, including medical information. You will also be asked to make any initial payments before your child may start at the school.

Meeting with the Head of Admissions

The Head of Admissions will give the family all the relevant information on the school's philosophy, academic, sports, arts programmes and other activities, as well as a tour of the school, concentrating on the sections of the school which are of most importance to the family of the prospective student. These meetings are scheduled Monday through Friday, to give the family a chance to see how the school operates on a typical day.

Admissions evaluation

All students will be called for an evaluation. Depending on the Year level, this will consist of an English and a Mathematics test, and an interview, and are undertaken by the Heads of Early, Primary or Secondary Years. The purpose of this is to get to know the student and evaluate the correct placement. For non-native speakers, the school must be sure that the student has enough knowledge of English to follow the work being done in class.


Head of Admissions Pinheiros
Heidi M. Giger
+55 11 3465-9650