Community engagement and service learning. Young people learning to empathise and show compassion for others and make a difference. Understand the needs of individuals, the local community and the world through direct links to the curriculum.

The Action Team

Be the change you want to see in the world.

The Action Team aims to achieve sustainable growth in our community, teaching pupils to be a responsible global citizen who make a difference now and in their future.

Our mission is to implement the philosophy and practices of St. Nicholas School in and beyond the curriculum through action. To this end, Action Team members must prepare the community to an engaging and responsive environment where changes can happen.

The Action Team is about facilitating, promoting, modelling and celebrating action throughout the whole school community. It recognizes action is how we choose to act every day to make a positive difference for others and the environment, consequently learning about ourselves. Through action we embody empathy, respect, compassion, integrity and care in being change-makers in an ever-changing world.


St. Nicholas has a community of 39 nationalities and 27 home languages and a spirit of internationalism that celebrates diversity through global awareness and world education. Through celebration of cultures and traditions from around the world we aim to raise awareness in our global community.

Service Learning

The school provides opportunities for children to experience community engagement and service learning throughout their time at St. Nicholas. The school endeavours to teach children to understand the needs of individuals, the local community and the world through direct links to the curriculum. They are led to empathise and feel compassion for others. They are encouraged to then take action and make a difference. There are a variety of projects to guide the school community in this process which are either direct, hands-on experiences with organisations, indirect opportunities such as fundraising and research or advocacy through campaigns.

Class-based projects Individual classes often reach a plan of action with direct curricular links.

Student Council-led projects The Student Council organises campaigns and opportunities for students to engage in and support a variety of different projects.

Visits to creches and other organisation As part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme, students make regular visits to creches, a cancer hospital, hospital for children with special needs, and others; as well as actions within the school community. More service learning opportunities are being developed throughout the school curriculum as an opportunity to develop students leadership.

Whole school campaigns The school has partnerships with various organisations such as GRAAC, AACD, Creche Nova Esperança, Projeto Semente do Amanhã, to provide on-going support and opportunities for our students to become more socially responsible. Links between pupils and the organisation are made also to allow self-initiated projects.

MaDD - Make a Difference Day

Make a Difference Day is held on the last Friday of each month. This gives the school community a chance to reflect and celebrate learning and community action regarding specific local or global issues. Family and staff financial contributions made on this day support a specific project or organisation previously selected by both students and those involved in the Action Team.

PTA - Parents and Teachers Association

Parents, teachers and head teacher are part of a team who work side by side to promote a wider liaison between families, the school and the community.

The PTA's role is to ease this dialogue, better the inter-personal relations, promote the communication of the schools educational projects, support the work of our children and bring social and environmental institutions into the school.

The funds collected on events such as International Day and Festa Junina are used to support charity projects created and led by students as well as lectures organized for the school community with the objective of raising awereness to a variety of topics.

    Representative Committee, constituted by:
  • President: responsible for the management of the group and general ideas that will allow the Association to accomplish their task.
  • Vice-president: Nicholas Thody - our headteacher.
  • Members: will meet regularly and help coordenate the different activities that are in line with the Association's objectives.
  • Collaborators: one who is an active member of the group but does not have a specific function, will come to the meetings and will be available to help in general.

Our general meetings happen once a month and so do the meetings with all the Class Representatives. PTA work is voluntary, not remunerated and exempt of any benefit or advantage.

If you have any doubts or need further information, please send a message accessing our Contact Us page.