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Head of Science in the Secondary School (Pinheiros)

Responsible to:

Head of Secondary | DoS Diploma Coordinator | Headteacher | Heads of Faculty and/or Department | Director of Studies and/or IB Diploma Coordinator

St. Nicholas School is seeking to appoint a Head of Science to guide the faculty up to IB Diploma level with a commitment to inquiry, student autonomy, project-based learning and interdisciplinary collaboration. Experience teaching the latest IB Diploma courses is a requirement for the Head of Science position. Regardless of experience candidates will commit to the IB Diploma and be willing to contribute to Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essays and CAS.

The department works with approximately 250 learners from Grade 6 to12. Each year group has between 30 and 50 learners with an ideal group size of 15-18. Science is blocked in the timetable to encourage collaboration between groups. Each year group uses a single Google Classroom to further reinforce this collaboration. 

The faculty counts on seven teachers, a second in Dept and one/ two technicians. Six purpose-designed laboratories with access to ample resources, including, online books, consumables, software licences, Chromebooks, data loggers, projectors and TVs and (normally) reliable WiFi connection. The department has access to a well-resourced maker space with a dedicated technician, kits, tools, a laser cutter and a 3D printer. There is an annual material budget which is set and managed by the Head of Faculty. 

The Science faculty is collegial and well-managed. The current team shares ideas, resources and experiences to create and sustain a collaborative ethos.  In Grades 6 to 9 the department has designed an inquiry-based, progressive, thematic course that promotes understanding and transfer of knowledge and skills in meaningful situations. In years 9 and 10 the course is based on  IGCSE Coordinated Science. In Grades 11 and 12 Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered at Standard and Higher Level. Results at IGCSE and Diploma are very good. Science is compulsory in all years from Grades 6 to 12 and all learners take at least one science at IB Diploma. ICT provision in the department is very good with 6 purpose-built labs with good technology access and close to 1:1 Chromebook provision. The department has led the school in its effective use of Google Classroom to organise resources and tasks.  

Candidates will have:
  • –  A university degree in Science or one containing significant relevance to Science
  • –  A recognised international teaching qualification with six years of teaching experience
  • –  Leadership experience
  • –  Evidence of recent professional learning related to curriculum and or learning
  • –  A commitment to inquiry-based learning and the school’s mission
  • –  A commitment to international-mindedness and IB teaching philosophy (
  • –  A positive and optimistic attitude toward learners and learning
  • –  Personal qualities which add to the school community in a positive way


Employment: St. Nicholas offers

·         a competitive salary

·         private medical plan

·         professional development opportunities 

·         fantastic students


The safe recruitment of teaching staff is the first step to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in international schools. St Nicholas School is committed to safeguarding all children and promoting safer recruitment practices. The School expects all people involved in recruitment to share this commitment.


Letter of application should be addressed to Nicholas Thody and accompanied by a curriculum vitae and the names of three referees. Please send to

The deadline for application is the 13th December 2021.


The school commits to safeguard all members of the community and all staff share in this commitment. References will be checked for all shortlisted candidates. Successful candidates will provide proof of qualifications, submit to complete and rigorous safeguarding checks.


These responsibilities are in addition to the duties specified in the job description for a Grade 6 to 12 Teacher. 


St Nicholas is a learning organisation and to that end, the Head of Faculty has a pivotal position to play and lead learning for students and teachers and be the lead learner in the faculty.

The Head of Faculty will value, model and promote the IBO Learner Profile.

Know and understand leadership and to lead so all faculty members have a voice, can participate fully and in the best interests of all learners and within the school mission.

Continually update leadership practice to meet the needs of the community.

To ensure that all department members accept full professional responsibility for students fulfilling a balanced educational programme, following the school’s curriculum guidelines, schemes of work, and policies. 

To develop cooperation and positive collaboration within the Faculty, promoting the sharing of ideas, knowledge, experiences and strategies.

Professional Knowledge

To lead learning in the department.

Ensure department members are aware of current IB thinking on purpose, environment, culture and learning. To lead the learning experiences from this.



To encourage all teachers in the Faculty to learn and actively participate in the PLC process and other professional development opportunities. 

To ensure that the Faculty policies and practices align with the school mission, vision and ethos.

To produce and regularly update the Faculty Handbook and ensure the faculty works within all published school policies for planning, assessing, teaching and reporting.

To represent the Faculty at Heads of Faculty meetings in a way that embraces learning in the Secondary section and not faculty interest.

To hold regular Faculty meetings to address learning.

To promote and help maintain a positive working environment within the Faculty.

Regularly monitor learning in the Faculty. 

Promote sensitive and effective onboarding for new members of the Faculty.

To inform the DoS of the timetabling needs of the Faculty. 

To set a budget for the Faculty and order stock and equipment appropriate for the planned learning. 

To maintain an accurate stock list and ensure that the equipment is well cared for. 

To assist in the recruitment and retaining of high-quality teachers in the Faculty. 


Planning, Assessing, Teaching and Learning

To contribute to one transdisciplinary course at the school (ToK, Global Perspectives, CAS)  be familiar with UbD (or be open to learning about it) and backward design and ensure the faculty is engaging appropriately with the
curriculum mapping process.

To design and regularly review schemes of work.

To assist the planning of enquiry based lessons, focused on understanding, transfer and essential questions.

To monitor the assessment of learners progress, ensuring that assessment is varied, both summative and formative and is used to inform learning and teaching. 

To check the accuracy of progress grades and the quality of end of term reports. 

To ensure that pupils are entered for relevant and appropriate public examinations. 

To organise the setting and marking of internal school examinations. 

All Job Descriptions will be periodically reviewed to take into account the changing needs of the school.



To maintain ethical and professional standards in attendance, punctuality, appearance, conduct, meeting deadlines and the general fulfilment of responsibilities. 

The Secondary Section forms part of the wider St Nicholas community and all community members are expected to contribute positively to the whole community and take a full part in school life.

Contribute enthusiastically and effectively to the ECA programme. 


Professional Knowledge

To have secure pedagogical knowledge and understanding and be familiar with current educational practice and

To understand the school’s beliefs about learning and promote the conditions to ignite a passion for learning.

To know and understand the school’s philosophy.



To be responsible for the planning, preparation, organisation of learning based on appropriate curriculum documentation and knowledge of the learners’ needs.

To plan well-paced, meaningful lessons that take into account different learning styles and the differing levels of each
learners’ academic, emotional and cognitive development. 

To effectively deploy Learning Support Specialists and other professionals connected to the learning of each learner.

Work collaboratively to produce medium and short-term planning which promotes learning.

To contribute to individual and collaborative plans on Atlas.

Practice and learning

To use a range and balance of strategies carefully selected for effectiveness and the needs of the group.

To effectively use ICT and 21st-century communication tools for learning and assessing. 

To engage in daily practice consistent with the philosophy of the school emphasising an inquiry-based approach and promoting the IBO’s learner profile.

To manage the learning environment in a way that learners are motivated and active participants in the process, developing autonomy and respect for themselves and others.

To create an organised and stimulating learning atmosphere, where the environment becomes an effective tool for learning. 

To set home learning in accordance with school policy, considering the individual needs of the students.

To encourage respect in all parts of the learning environment.



To use a wide range and balance of purposefully selected assessment strategies in line with the school’s assessment policy to evaluate learning and inform future learning.

To keep appropriate and systematic records of learning, development and achievement, to provide evidence of the range of activities and progress over time.

To identify and support all learners appropriately.

To support the external assessment process in all ways.



Through scheduled parent meetings and the school reporting system, keep parents informed of the progress and attainment of their children and advise on the needs of the learner.



To liaise with the Class Tutors and the Pastoral Team, keeping them informed of individual learner progress.

To liaise with the Head of Faculty and the Learning Support Departments where appropriate.

To attend and contribute positively to all relevant school meetings.


Professional Development 

To be responsible for your own learning.

To actively participate to the PLCs within the school Attend Professional Development courses where appropriate.

To maintain professional relationships with pupils, teaching colleagues and support staff. 



To be part of a Pastoral Team and perform the duties of a Class Tutor.

To perform break and lunch duties and to cover for absent colleagues.

To carry out additional duties that might reasonably be asked.


You will bring:
  • Passion and enthusiasm and a belief that everyone can learn
  • A commitment to inquiry-based learning
  • A commitment to international-mindedness and IB teaching philosophy
  • Curiosity, humility and a desire to learn
  • Additional qualities to add to the school community

Para aplicar, candidatos devem enviar CV para

*If you haven’t found a position that fit with your profile, please send us letter of application, a CV and the name of two referees should be addressed to