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Primary Years Programme Teacher (Pinheiros)

Responsible to:

PYP coordinator/Pedagogical Leader | Head of Early Years or Primary School as appropriate

St. Nicholas School is seeking to appoint a Primary Years classroom Teacher (Grade 1-Grade 5) for the Pinheiros campus who has three or more years’ experience and who will enjoy working in a highly stimulating and dynamic international environment. The successful candidate will have knowledge and experience with the PYP and be able to teach in a transdisciplinary environment. The age range to be taught will be determined during the recruitment process.


St. Nicholas School has two campuses and the Pinheiros campus is well established and centrally located in a cosmopolitan, attractive and busy part of São Paulo. The school is a vibrant, stimulating and happy multi-cultural environment for 680 pupils from all parts of the globe. International students make up approximately 40% of the overall school population. International mindedness is valued, promoted and celebrated. The school provides a balanced, rich, challenging and transformative education for its diverse body of students aged from 18 months to 18 years of age, most of whom are studying in English as an additional language.


The Primary section at St Nicholas has been authorised to offer IB PYP curriculum since 2002, making it one of the longest standing IB PYP schools on the continent. Each year group team is made of approximately 48 learners with 4 full-time teachers. Additional Specialist Teachers are responsible for teaching specific curriculum areas including; Portuguese, Art, Music, Drama, PE and Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation. A Personalised Learning Department works together with teachers to provide individual support for learners either experiencing difficulties in any area of the curriculum, or those in need of additional challenge. Learners also receive additional English (EAL) or Portuguese (PAL) language support. All teachers meet regularly with the Pedagogical Leaders to plan learning engagements, reflect and discuss learner progress. Collaborative planning focuses on developing Transdisciplinary Units of Inquiry which are planned, taught and assessed collaboratively. Teachers are given autonomy to innovate and be creative in their design of authentic, challenging and engaging learning experiences and are always well supported.


Successful candidates are expected to have:
  • –  An internationally recognised teaching qualification and three years’ teaching experience
  • –  A commitment to inquiry-based learning and the school’s mission
  • –  Excellent technology skills 
  • –  An awareness of how agency plays out in a modern school setting 
  • –  A commitment to international-mindedness and IB teaching philosophy (
  • –  A positive and optimistic attitude to students, learning and a belief that all can learn
  • –  Additional qualities to add to the school community


Employment:  St. Nicholas offers 

·        A competitive salary paid in Reais

·        Private medical plan

·        Professional development opportunities 

·        Fantastic students


The safe recruitment of teaching staff is the first step to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in international schools. St Nicholas School is committed to safeguarding all children and promoting safer recruitment practices. The School expects all people involved in recruitment to share this commitment.

Letter of application should be addressed to Nicholas Thody and accompanied by a curriculum vitae and the names of three referees. Please send to


The deadline for application is the 1st of February 2022. Early applications are welcome.


The school commits to safeguard all members of the community and all staff share in this commitment. All shortlisted candidates will provide references. Successful candidates will provide proof of qualifications, submit to complete safeguarding checks.

To take full professional responsibility for a class, fulfilling a balanced educational programme following the school’s curriculum guidelines, schemes of work, and policies. To be responsible for the care, welfare and learning of the class and bring individual expertise to the classroom.


Professional Knowledge

To have a secure professional pedagogical knowledge and understanding and to be familiar with current educational practice and developments.

To know and understand the school’s curriculum and the IBO Primary Years Programme.



To be responsible for the planning, preparation, organisation of pupil learning based on appropriate curriculum documentation and knowledge of pupils’ needs; work collaboratively to keep medium and short-term planning which promotes an integrated

To plan well-paced, daily lessons that take into account different learning styles and the differing levels of each child’s academic, emotional and cognitive development and use the effective deployment of teaching assistants and other professionals.

Plan for children to learn in and out of school contexts such as school visits, museums, theatres, field work etc.



To use a range and balance of teaching strategies carefully selected for effectiveness and the needs of the group.

To engage in daily practice consistent with the philosophy of the school, emphasising an inquiry-based approach, leading to the development of the IBO’s learner profile.

To manage the class in a way that children are motivated and active participants in the learning process, developing autonomy and respect towards themselves and others.

To create an organised and stimulating learning environment where the environment is a tool for learning 



To use a range and balance of purposefully selected assessment strategies in line with the school’s assessment policy to evaluate pupils’ progress.  Subsequently use this information to improve planning, learning and teaching.  

To keep appropriate and systematic records of each pupil’s development and achievement, to provide evidence of the range of their work and progress over time.

To identify and support more able pupils, those who are failing to achieve their potential in learning, and those who experience behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. 



To keep parents informed of the progress and attainment of their children and communicate and advise on the particular needs of the child if necessary. 

To hold parent-teacher meetings, both scheduled and non-scheduled according to the needs of the child and the schedule of the school.  To keep a record of these meetings.

To write informative and accurate reports.



To liaise on pastoral care, organisational and curriculum matters with support teachers and subject specialists in order to ensure that all pupils are achieving their full potential.

To develop and promote pupils’ strengths and talents. 

Additional responsibilities outside the classroom

To offer at least one ECA and perform lunch and playground duties.

To actively engage in interaction with pupils outside the class. 


School and Professional Development

To actively contribute towards the school development plan.

To attend regular planning and staff meetings during school hours and after school when required.

To take part when required in staff or school meetings and in the Professional Development Programme on specified days during the scholastic year.


Full confidentiality is expected at all times. School affairs should not be discussed outside the school with others than those directly involved with and responsible for teaching and

This job description will be reviewed from time to time as might be necessary according to the changing needs of education and the school.

Para aplicar, candidatos devem enviar CV para

*If you haven’t found a position that fit with your profile, please send us letter of application, a CV and the name of two referees should be addressed to


Exclusive channel for parents interested in getting to know the school.