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3 good reasons to choose an international school for your children

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Among the main reasons is being in line with what is happening in the world and not only in Brazil

When it comes to education, you need to pay a lot of attention. The doubts are many. There is no shortage of school options, and as each student’s experience throughout the learning process is unique, parents need to consider many factors to make a good choice. After all, it is in the school environment that everyone spends most of their time during childhood and adolescence, and it is also where the main connections are formed. 

Aiming to help those who are in the decision-making phase about their children’s education, check out 03 good reasons for choosing an international school below:

Modern education

Forget about the traditional teaching model. International schools develop research-based education, making students start from principles and have a critical reflection. “Our main objective is to create students who are agents of their learning. We invite children to be inquisitive and engaged in promoting transformations. They need to be free to explore spaces and use tools with guidance to build their journeys while we prepare them for life’s challenges”, explains Maíra Parede, Head of Marketing in St Nicholas School, one of the leading international schools in São Paulo.

IB system that opens many doors

Schools that adopt the IB programs, International Baccalaureate®, work in collaboration with a network of schools in Latin America and around the world, offering international academic and extracurricular projects, such as arts and sports, which favor a high level of English and form students proficient in at least two languages. They also develop critical thinking skills in students, forming inquisitive, informed, and thoughtful young people. Furthermore, the IB Program frameworks are applied in parallel to national curricula at all school ages, which encourages them to consider local and global contexts for the future. As a reference, we can mention that St. Nicholas School students received more than 150 acceptances from universities worldwide in the last year. 

Inside all the trends

From time to time, new courses are created at Universities, others are updated and change names, new professions emerge on the market, and so on. The professional training area is dynamic, and an international school helps your child to keep up with all these constant changes. “What we have noticed recently, for example, is that the number of students looking for very new courses like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Global Health, Sustainability, and Digital Marketing has increased”, explains Ai-Lien Vasconcelos, Careers and Universities Advisor at St Nicholas School. Another important point is to encourage students to have intercultural respect and thus know how to recognize their common humanity, and that they have shared guardianship of the planet, thus contributing to the creation of a better and more peaceful world.


  • St Nicholas

    St. Nicholas School is a school with an international education with the aim of developing responsible, confident and caring citizens. Teaching students to ask the right questions, to get to the right places for them. You can find St. Nicholas School in Pinheiros and Alphaville.