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Careers on the rise: St. Nicholas’ vocational guidance counselor lists the preferences of young people after the pandemic

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Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence are among the most sought-after new courses

Understanding what young people who are about to enter Higher Education want for their lives is to have answers about the future of our society. Especially in 2022, this scenario has even more voice, as young people who are about to choose their professional careers have lived through two decisive years amid a worldwide pandemic. No wonder the World Economic Forum predicted a series of emerging professions with potential labor markets in this post-pandemic future. Among the most interesting are a director of remote work, an algorithm auditor, and a man-machine team manager. 

New functions fit with new courses that have appeared in recent years and have aroused great interest from students, as explained by Ai-Lien Vasconcelos, Career and University Advisor at St. Nicholas. “The students generally like popular courses such as Business, International Relations, Law, Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, and Psychology. But recently, we have noticed an increased demand for new courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Global Health, Sustainability, and Digital Marketing”.  

The advisor also points out that the pandemic has brought new concerns to students, who have already heard about careers that will emerge and want to prepare for it. Agreeing with what the World Economic Forum predicted, Lien says that students are already concerned with the dynamics of remote work, seek quality of life, value flexibility, have many ideas, and want to be entrepreneurs. “We observed that they do not necessarily choose more stable careers but those that bring more opportunities. Colleges are still trying to meet this demand, which is already evolving in the job market”. 

Given this, the preference for colleges where the student does not apply directly to a specific course but to an area in which he remains for two years until choosing his specialization has increased. This teaching option does not yet exist in Brazil, and it is more common in countries like the United States and Canada, precisely the destinations where St. Nicholas most choose to study. “I believe this is because in these countries, teaching is interdisciplinary, something St. Nicholas School are already used to, as the school adopts the IB programs, International Baccalaureate®, which place the student as agents of their learning. Students are encouraged to participate in career fairs, vocational tests, and academic programs to learn about their skills and be able to choose more accurately for the job market”, concludes Lien.


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