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Four Peaks

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Passion. Project. Peer. Play.

Four Peaks is an exciting learning programme started in Secondary School in 2020 with the incoming Grade 6. It is designed to build up on the learning that took place in Primary school through the PYP. The Grade 6 learners will grow with it as each year the new grades will join, for example this current academic year, both Grade 6 and Grade 7 are experiencing the programme.

The programme seeks to enable learners to explore their passions in a judgment free environment, and it is therefore not graded.

In terms of time, it comprises 20% of school time to learn through passion-inspired projects and make the world a better place. All the groups currently working in Four Peaks do so at the same time and are supported by a number of Lead-learners from different faculties. Learning within Four Peaks takes place in shared spaces with the aim of maximising collaboration.

The Four Peaks experience is human centred- it starts with what our learners need and makes learning easier and more enjoyable, thus making it more significant and relevant.

The experience is also strongly based on Empathy, Collaboration and Creativity in order to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Four Peaks is intimately linked to our Mission and our Principles of Learning and it aims to organically develop some of the following aspects:

  • Looking beyond the immediate, or the obvious.
  • Originating and analysing new and multiple perspectives.
  • Creating a positive change on the self, on others and on the planet.
  • Collaborating with others through active listening and respectful interaction.
  • Knowing that what you think and what is interesting to you, matters as much as school subjects.
  • Co-constructing learning experiences.
  • Understanding you can transform things around you.

Through better use of their time and a focus on what learners want to learn, Four Peaks will hopefully enable them to truly develop a passion for learning that will manifest well beyond the school environment.

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