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International Education is an Ocean of Possibilities

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St Nicholas is an international school that understands international teaching about what etymology offers, that is, education here takes place in an integrated and inclusive way, based on the collaboration that cultures from different nations promote. From the English language, in dialogue with the Portuguese language, which is the language of the country where the school is located, children speak, write and create, as the child evolves in creativity.

The larger the repertoire, the greater the possibilities for creative development. Academic contact with Portuguese and English, combined with daily contact with students and teachers from all over the world, provide contact with active and permanent exchanges between the cultures of the different nations that coexist at St. Nicholas.

Languages and cultures feed on each other. Children with access to several languages can understand their own culture more deeply. If a student reads Shakespeare, he/she can better understand Machado de Assis, as Machado read and was strongly influenced by the English poet. 

Knowing and experiencing languages and cultures is a privilege that brings lasting benefits. By functioning in two or more languages, the child exercises the brain and develops cognitive control. From Grade 6 onwards, St. Nicholas also offers a third language, such as Spanish and French; in addition, Japanese or Korean students feel at home here, as their languages are also covered in the curriculum.

Studying in an international environment in English, Portuguese and other languages is an act of respect for the other, which is a mirror of human possibilities. The more we know languages and cultures, the more deeply we know each other. The more international a child is, the further he/she can see the horizon. All languages have a single origin. At St. Nicholas, languages are the source of education that speaks to cultures today and beyond.

Anderson Borges Costa

Head of the Portuguese Department

St Nicholas School