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Child Psychology: What is it, and how does it work?

Before starting to define the term child psychology, it is necessary to understand that the universe of children is multifaceted, and several things are involved in childhood. The child is…

What is mediatic education and how does it work?

Before defining mediatic education, we can stop for a while and think that for a long time the only way to acquire information was through books and staying in libraries…

8 English Conversation Tips for Kids

Training English conversation with children, besides being important, is brilliant, as the children’s world and all its color provides better use of situations to develop the practice of English in…

How to Prepare Students for Life After High School

The topic of universities and colleges for families with children often generates anxiety and many questions. After all, we are living in uncertain times and getting a university degree is…
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International Education is an Ocean of Possibilities

St Nicholas is an international school that understands international teaching about what etymology offers, that is, education here takes place in an integrated and inclusive way, based on the collaboration…
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Language Acquisition in the Early Years

St. Nicholas School recognises the power of language in today’s rapidly changing global society and realises that the ability to communicate in more than one language is important for global…

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