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“Buck-toothed!” “Four eyes!” “Wow, what horrible hair!” “Do my homework, otherwise I’ll hit you!” Probably, many of us have heard these phrases at some point in our lives, especially in…
Musicalidade na Infância

Childhood musicality

Musicalization in early childhood is a strong stimulus for the development of cognitive and motor functions, in addition to favouring the affective, social, and self-knowledge aspects.  Hearing is the first…
St Nicholas – Play is a verb but for us also a noun

PLAY is a verb but for us, also a noun

There are so many definitions for PLAY. Like the one we find in Wikipedia: “Play is a range of intrinsically motivated activities done for recreational pleasure and enjoyment. Play is…
St Nicholas – Qualidade do ensino e qualidade da aprendizagem como a formacao dos professores impacta a aprendizagem dos alunos

How Teacher Training Impacts Student Learning

We have all spent more than a decade at school, and we have had many experiences that, taken together, have contributed to making us who we are: the friends we…

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