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8 English Conversation Tips for Kids

Training English conversation with children, besides being important, is brilliant, as the children’s world and all its color provides better use of situations to develop the practice of English in…
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International Education is an Ocean of Possibilities

St Nicholas is an international school that understands international teaching about what etymology offers, that is, education here takes place in an integrated and inclusive way, based on the collaboration…
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Language Acquisition in the Early Years

St. Nicholas School recognises the power of language in today’s rapidly changing global society and realises that the ability to communicate in more than one language is important for global…
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“Buck-toothed!” “Four eyes!” “Wow, what horrible hair!” “Do my homework, otherwise I’ll hit you!” Probably, many of us have heard these phrases at some point in our lives, especially in…
Musicalidade na Infância

Childhood musicality

Musicalization in early childhood is a strong stimulus for the development of cognitive and motor functions, in addition to favouring the affective, social, and self-knowledge aspects.  Hearing is the first…

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